Susan Hiller
susan hiller
Dream Mapping, 1973 was an art event provocatively poised between an experiment (social or scientific) and a performance without an audience. Seven dreamers slept for three nights inside “fairy rings” in an English meadow marked by an abundance of circles formed naturally by Marasmius oreades mushrooms, a landscape feature that occurs in a number of British folk myths. The field became a site for dream experiences which were discussed and mapped the following morning. The dream maps of each participant were collected and copied onto transparent paper, sandwiched together, and traced to compile a composite group map for each night. A number of shared features were noted.
On the Edge
Spectral Works
Homage to G.Stein
Homage to M.Broodthaers
Homage to J.Beuys
Homage to M.Duchamp
Homage to Y.Klein
Journey to Land of Tarahumaras
Curiosities of Sigmund Freud
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Split Hairs
From India to Planet Mars
Homage to Georges Bataille
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My Kind of Guy
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Dream Mapping
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