Susan Hiller

An Entertainment 1990-1991

4 synchronised video projections, quadrophonic sound.

"Susan Hiller's An Entertainment, 1990 - four video projectors and sound in a square room - is 26 minutes long, during which huge coloured images... are thrown against the wall; the soundtrack evokes a seaside audience as well as the murderous doings of Mr. Punch with his thrusting nose; entertainment clichés ("Oh yes he is! Oh no he isn't!") are menacingly intoned. Memories of Edward Munch and James Ensor... and the cruel caricatures of Regency London all spring to mind in Hiller's absorbing disquition on ritual and myth, vicious comedy, violence and death. The brutality of what passes for entertainment still erupts in London life, and Hiller has unnervingly traced one of its histories."
Richard Shone, Artforum, 1995