Susan Hiller

Ten Months 1977-79

10 Months consists of photographs taken by the artist of her body during pregnancy, arranged in ten 'lunar' months of 28 days, and accompanying texts from her journal entries for the same period. The sentimentality associated with images of pregnancy is set tartly on edge by the scrutiny of the woman/artist who is acted upon, but who also acts: who enjoys a precarious status as both the subject and the object of her work. ("She is the content of a mania she can observe.") ... The echoes of landscape, the allusions to ripeness and fulfillment, are refused by the anxieties of the text, and by the methodical process of representation. The conflict between a need to speak, and the difficulty of speaking, is exacerbated at this moment when the self is 'engrossed' and identity peculiarly uncertain. ("She now understands that it is perfectly possible to forget who one has been and what one has accomplished.")
Lisa Tickner, Block (3), 1980