Susan Hiller

Magic Lantern 1987

Tape/slide program; 3 slide projections and soundtrack.

"... It is by way of the visual spectacle, and its echoing of the formalities of scientific method paraded in the (Raudive) voice experiments, that the conventional separations between the 'rigours'of scientific method and anarchic phantasy are most vividly subverted and blurred ...Here a clarity and simplicity of form normally associated with the logical certainties of science have become the occasion for dissolving 'rational' definitions of meaning in a deft and seductive display of words and coloured light. Magic Lantern effects a carefully orchestrated and at the same time subversively anarchic interplay of language, sound and spectacle in which you both think you know clearly where you are and forever lose your bearings."

Alex Potts, Burlington Review, 1988